Artist Resumè & Biography

Jaymes Dudding grew up in Albuquerque’s north valley along the Rio Grande.   He is a ceramic sculptor and art educator.  

Artist Jaymes developed a deep appreciation for the colors and textures of this unique region of the world.  Born with the DNA of an artist, Jaymes has enjoyed the luxury of turning his love of desert colors and textures into three dimensional pieces of New Mexico pottery and New Mexico sculpture.

Jaymes knew having artistic talent wasn't enough.  He also needed training, and he got it. He earned a Master Of Arts degree from University Of New Mexico, then a Master Of Fine Arts In Ceramic Design degree from University Of Oklahoma.

Pottery, clay sculpture and ceramic art are fundamental to the culture of Native Americans in the desert southwest.   In the late 20th century, however, these unique art forms were dying out of American Indian life.  Remarkably, an Indian Reservation in northern New Mexico sought out Jaymes Dudding to help keep their culture alive.  Barely out of college himself, Jaymes moved to the tiny town of Saboyeta, New Mexico, and for about half a decade he taught Native American art to Native Americans.

He taught for 28 years at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.   Since his retirement, he has taught part-time at Walatowa High Charter School in Jemez Pueblo.

Jaymes begins his creations on the potter’s wheel.   He then manipulates the clay by using stretching and paddling techniques until his desired image takes life.   His subject matter is inspired by ancient, timeless ideas from Mother Nature and her unseen animating forces.

All the New Mexico pottery and New Mexico sculptures you will find in the pages of this web site are available for mail order.  Jaymes is more artist than business person, so this site is not set up with shopping carts and credit card payment systems.  Just call or drop Jaymes an e-mail and he will gladly quote pottery prices and sculpture prices, arrange your purchase and ship your items.